Ayurveda for Autoimmune, Progressive Degenerative, and Lifestyle Disease

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medication therapies in the world. It is difficult to date Ayurveda, however, roots of Ayurveda lies in the Vedas. Ayurveda is often regarded as a branch of Rig Veda and Atharva Veda, and also called the Fifth Veda (primarily, there are four vedas). Rig Veda is the oldest veda and it is believed that Hindus began composing Vedas around 3500 BCE.

Charaka Samhita is the earliest text on Ayurveda that extensively explains various diseases and their treatment methods. Charaka Samhita is believed to have been first taught by Hindu savant Atreya, and later by Agnivesa. When Charaka compiled the formulas of Atreya and Agnivesa, it was called Charaka Samhita. Charaka samhita is placed somewhere in second century common era.

Ayurveda is popular for holistic healing methods. Ayurveda does not treat any illness just as an illness, it will try to look for other connected issues and treat all condition. Ayurveda also uses all natural products, ayurveda uses herbs or herbal extracts in powder or oil forms. Ayurveda also uses various metal and minerals for healing. Ayurveda not only cures disease but also stop the disease from further recurring. For example, if you have diabetes, the modern medicine suggest you to tale drugs for life long and control blood sugar. However Ayurveda cures the root cause of diabetes.

Ayurveda, literally means Veda (knowledge) of Ayu (Health). Thus, Ayurveda does not talk about disease, it talks about health and how you can be healthy. According to Ayurveda, there must be an equilibrium of mind body and soul, then only you can be healthy. Therefore, Ayurvedic treatment includes dietary and lifestyle modification, yoga, and botanicals.

Ayurveda is a nature based treatment and it uses all natural products, therefore, there are no drug induced complications and side effects. Ayurveda is also very effective.

Ayurveda Detoxification For Health

Probably, Ayurveda is one of the earliest medicinal system that talks about body detoxification. According to Ayurveda, most of the diseases build up in the body because toxins and by products built up in the body, Therefore, these things need to be thrown out from the body. The term used for detoxification in Ayurveda is Panchakarma, literally 5 techniques. Panchakarma includes 5 different techniques to detoxify the body. Ayurveda detoxification cleanses up internal organs like intestine, stomach, liver, kidney, and lungs. When toxins flush out from the body, your bodily system will function better, your metabolism will improve, and you will feel rejuvenated.

Toxins build up inside the body due to physiological functions, from the contaminated food and water we eat and pouted air we breathe. Therefore, we need to detoxify our body regularly. Panchakarma includes 5 different detoxification methods to clean your internal body.

Ayurveda is a Cheaper Alternative to Modern Medicine

Most of the modern medication methods for autoimmune and progressive degenerative disorders are very costly. You will have to take medication for life long. However, when you follow Ayurvedic treatment method you don’t have to take medication for life long. Even in the conditions like diabetes and heart diseases, a medication course of 2-3 months will be enough to cre your conditions. However, in order to remain healthy you also need to strictly follow the Ayurvedic dietary regime and lifestyle.

Even when you don’t have to take drugs for life long, the modern treatment does not completely cure your condition, after taking a course of medicine, you might feel relieved, but it will come back soon. Contrarily, Ayurveda is a holistic treatment which means it will cure the root of the disease.

In recent time, a lot of people in India and Nepal, where Ayurveda is very popular, choosing Ayurveda for healing various ailments as well as a chronic disease. Ayurveda not only uses herbs for treatment but also recommends dietary and lifestyle modification, yoga and meditation, thus it looks into your condition as a whole. For example, if you have diabetes and go to Ayurveda doctor, he will not only treat diabetes but also other things like liver cleansing, improving digestive system etc. Ayurveda has solutions for many conditions, including but not limited to heart disease, mental disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid, etc.

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