Live Longer With These 5 Simple & Easy-to-Follow Tips

You can’t live eternally, however, due to your unhealthy lifestyle you are shortening your life. Follow these 5 simple rules to live longer.

Get sunlight – but only in moderation

Your skin needs sunlight because when your skin is exposed to sun rays, it produces Vitamin D, which is very necessary for bone health. Sunlight also gives warmth to our body, thus making it healthy. But strong sunlight also transmits dangerous ultraviolet radiation containing particles that attack the cells in our bodies. The part of us which is most vulnerable to this radiation is the skin, and skin cancer kills a lot of people in the world every week. So make sure you keep your exposure to the sun at acceptable levels.

Drink red wine – but not much

Multiple studies have shown that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol suffer from fewer diseases and live for longer than people who drink none or who drink very little.  This is particularly true of red wine. David Richardson, the personal training diploma tutor at Discovery Learning, explains it thus: “Red wine contains a potent antioxidant know as resveratrol that disarms free radicals, so try to have a glass of red wine most nights, but also make sure you aren’t drinking too much alcohol, or the health drawbacks will start to exceed the benefits.

Get into a relationship

When you are happily married, when you are in a long-term relationship, when you are devoted to your partner, you live longer compared to when you are single. I am saying this. There have been numerous studies that have established that people in relationships live longer. This is particularly true of the male of our species; guys who are on their own tend to live five years fewer than guys who have wives. One possible reason for this might be that people who have partners tend to take better care of their health, either because they want to be in better shape for their partner or because their partner pressures them to look after their health. Another contributing factor might be that having a partner to share one’s life with creates stronger emotional health and wellbeing.

Don’t get too fat

Being badly overweight or obese is extremely disadvantageous to one’s health; more so than any other lifestyle factor except for smoking. There is an obesity crisis in the western world which is getting worse and worse every year. Something like 80% of type 2 diabetes cases arises as a result of obesity. Some body types are more resistant to getting fat than others. If you have a body that gains weight quite easily, you need to always make sure your body is burning more calories than it’s consuming, or you’ll start to get fat.

More tea, less coffee

Tea contains numerous polyphenols, which help your body resist cancer, heart disease, and various other age-related illnesses that many people in Britain each year. People who consume moderate amounts of tea tend to outlive those who don’t drink tea regularly. Try to drink tea instead of coffee as much as possible. Coffee contains more than twice the amount of caffeine, which happens to be the most heavily abused stimulant on earth.

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