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Weebly is very friendly with the user, and reliable website builder.

It is the drag and drop, code-free website builders available in the market today.

They modify you to assemble a great looked website without having to write a line of code.

Naturally, you just use your mouse and drop back in pictures, slideshows, products, without using any codes.

The well-formed interface makes it easy for watching at a look, which Weebly offers you.

It has a menu on the left-hand side for opening its key features.

A simple drag and drop is everything and its work is to add text, images/forms to your Weebly website.

If you want to build a professional looking business website/just a personal website, which’s work is to show your hobbies/interests.

The Features:


You can generate posts by dragging and dropping elements (text, galleries, maps, videos, quotes and more).

You can make categories, you can set posts to publish in the upcoming days, you can make an RSS feed and more.

You can also share Facebook comments, Disqus/you can use Weebly’s comment system (with in-built moderation settings).


Many features are including in it: The products are imported from other services, digital products, customizable email receipts, order processing, coupon codes and more.

But behind the features, it is absolutely very easy to use—many opinions are putting in e-commerce by Weebly.

(Overall, have the most beneficial e-commerce options of any generalized website builder are in Weebly and Squarespace.)

The Site Builder:

The highly configured builder is available here.

There are scores of field options like checkboxes, file uploads, addresses, text boxes, dropdowns and more.

Form submissions can be verified with a message/send the user to another URL.

Form results are sent to an email address but a database also stores results (so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting a form submission).

The Apps of iOS& Android:

iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple Watch apps are available in Weebly.

The tablet apps are quite beautiful and for designing your website (no other website builder has a tablet app).

The phone apps work is to manage your website— you can make blog posts, check your comments, moderate stats, form entries and also manage your store.

The Apple Watch app is basically for stats and store notifications (new orders, new form entries etc.).

Weebly is the only website builder, which is related to Apple Watch app.


Weebly has a newsletter register but it only mixes with Promote, their latest email marketing service ($8 / month).

You can try to promote and it is very good— it is very easy to write newsletters.

The fact is, it’s still $8 / month and it’s not as powerful as email marketing services like MailChimp (even it is very easy to use).

Compare to all if Weebly’s newsletter signup widget is the 3rd email service.

The Membership:

The best friendly membership features are available in this website builder. If you want to make a membership site, Weebly can obviously help you. You can make personal pages that are helpful to people to sign up on their site.

Other helpful features are including in it: groups and email customization are also available.

The Restaurant Menu:

There are only two options to generate restaurant menus in Weebly: (1) an App Centre app, which is called open menu and (2) A menu page layouts.

With the help of these two options, you can use the menu page layouts— they’re very easy to edit.

It is not a good experience to the user.


All the paid plans (Starter, Pro, and Business) are ad-free here bar is shown by the free plan at the bottom of the screen with the Weebly logo.

You’ll get your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net):

For the first year, you’ll get a domain name absolutely for free cost, whish’s price is $19.95 for the second year.

There are few available domain endings are .com,, and .ca/you can also impart your own domain with you from another provider, and connect it to Weebly.

The Depth of Navigation:

A drop-down menu is automatically added to the navigation area.

The Newsletter tool:

Weebly’s own newsletter service is to promote and, it can easily send marketing emails.

You can also add external providers through their App Centre.

You can add HTML code:

It permits you to add external widgets and other tools.

The Storage Space:

Separately, your files cannot be passed 10 MB each on the free plan/250 MB each for the Pro plan. But, the sky has the limit! But no limits on bandwidth either.


You can mix a forum, which is called “Muut” and it is available in Weebly app store.


Email, knowledge base and live chat (search in the Help Centre, to us it seems they are hardly available) are available here.

Email support naturally replied very quick and responsively to your questions.



  1. Very User-Friendly, Drag & Drop Website Builder – They don’t overcome you with too much number of bells and whistles, and include all the useful basics for making a usable website.
  2. Weebly’s user look is very easy to use, which is reasonable for all type of users specifically if you are not friendly with technology.
  3. You can easily generate a good website within an hour.
  1. The Mobile Responsive Templates – Weebly’s brand new template designs are all mobile responsive, so of your website will appear professional on the desktop and mobile devices.
  1. If you want to modify templates at some point to make your design an upgraded look, then you just click on a new template and all your existing content will be automatically shifted.
  1. Weebly also gives you permission to use the templates’ HTML / CSS codes.
  1. So if you know about code (or if you hire someone who knows it), this gives you the courage to customize your design extensively.
  1. The Pre-Designed Page Layouts – If you don’t know how you do design your pages? Then Weebly has over 40 pre-set page layouts for your beginning.
  1. They’ve popular page layouts for home, about, services, contact, and restaurant menu and portfolio pages.
  1. You can select any one of them, and start customizes the layouts to create it your own. More on this below.


  1. Design Templates Are Canonical – A common ailment between users is that Weebly’s templates don’t offer you any formal designs.
  2. Some examples include single page scrolling design, parallax (which is very popular in these days), page transitions (such as sliding effects), /background video players. Weebly keeps things very simple so if you want more advanced designs, you must definitely go for Wix or Squarespace.
  1. The Limited Template Customization Options – Weebly only permits you to modify font styles and the all color scheme for each template.
  1. So if you want to make modifications behind that, you can change the menu bar color, content background design, / adjust the content width, etc., you will have to change the codes of the template as the order.
  1. So it is absolutely possible to create detailed customizations, a code-free way is available here.
  1. Wix/Square space offers you the code-free way to customize your design.
  1. Blog Features Demand Development – Another mutual complaint between users is that Weebly’s blogging functions are quite simple.
  1. In, websites the blogs want the capability to highlight related posts, most popular posts/new posts.
  1. Weebly has yet to merge these tools in their blog.
  1. They give you the basics, such as social sharing buttons, the capability to drag and drop content in each post, /even the capability when a post should be released in the upcoming days.
  1. But in our opinion, showcasing is related, popular/new posts are very canonical tools each blog should have.


“Weebly is used very easily, and reasonable for all types of businesses, personal sites/e-commerce stores.”

On the basis of our review, Weebly is perfect for small businesses, photographers, designers, restaurants, personal websites, and less advanced e-commerce online stores.

There are exactly more modern website builders out there.

But if you want something user-friendly, that can help you make a good looking and functional website quickly and simply, Weebly is the best selection for you.


“To build your website is as simple as drag & drop. You can usually see your own website, which is building in front of yourself.” This means you can make your whole website in front of your eyes without using any codes.

You drag content on the screen in front of you, and where your content is placed while you are in editing mode, and where your content will be watched after you release your website.

There is no flipping back and forward within editing mode and preview mode (such as with WordPress) to see your website appearance after launching.


One of the pros about Weebly is that they have placed together over 40 popular page layout designs for you to select from.

Whenever you add a new page to your Weebly website, at first the page is blank – and also ready for your drag and drop content in it.

If you don’t know how to fix up the content to make a layout that looks better?

This is the place, where their page layouts are very useful to you.

Choose from a selection of popular layouts that are specially provided to homepage designs, about us pages, services offered pages, contact pages, restaurant menu layouts and portfolio pages.

WEEBLY SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We’ve seen debates that website builder’s work is very weak in search engine rankings.

Even we have also watched many Weebly websites rank very nicely in Google (first-page rankings) and we have privately make Weebly websites that have also ranked on first pages of search results.

So don’t get fear from others – just because they can’t do it, doesn’t mean you also can’t do this!

Weebly permits you to put in all the basic SEO functions, like descriptions, titles, and keywords for each and every web page. If you are not aware the SEO so, this is one of great recommendation: 100% FREE SEO training online for small business owners. Or you can find 19 brilliant SEO training online.

Mark that with Weebly’s free plan (the Limited Plan), your free website will not be listed by search engines.

If you want your website to show up in search engine search results, you will have to update to one of Weebly’s paid plans.


Weebly is the most comfortable website builders, which can use at the moment.

Weebly’s difficulty level is ordered as “Low” – it is worthy for users of all technical skill levels (even if you are an exact fresher).

A good step is, to begin with, a free website, improvise yourself and also give knowledge about their tools and also how easy/difficult to use Weebly, then you can decide to update it/not.

Always remember that you have unlimited time to use their free services.

Author: Prasenjit Chowdhury

Prasen, is the Founder & CEO @copyproblogger. He is a part-time blogger and specific on search engine optimization expert and like to help small business owners through real outreach services at very low cost. He thinks that his strength is that can bring a big agency experience and a big agency mentality to you. He loves what he does and his energy and passion are Search engine marketing.

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